Jesus Unifies Bible into One Story

01 May

Here is an excerpt that I came across from Ed Clowney’s (1912-2005) book “The Unfolding Mystery“.

“There are great stories in the Bible…but it is possible to know Bible stories, yet miss the bible story…The Bible has a story line. It traces an unfolding drama. The story follows the history of Israel, but it does not begin there, nor does it contain what you would expect in a nations history…If we forget the story line…we cut the heart out of the Bible. Sunday school stories are then told as tamer versions of the Sunday comics, where Samson substitutes for Superman. David…becomes a Hebrew version of Jack the Giant Killer. No, David is not a brave little boy who isn’t afraid of the big bad giant. He is the Lord’s anointed…God chose David as a king after his own heart in order to prepare the way for David’s great Son, our Deliverer and Champion.”

Tim Keller on Ed Clowney’s remarks, “Jesus shows us that the Bible is not an interesting set of isolated stories, each story telling us something different about ow to live. Rather, Jesus unifies all the chapters into one story.” Tim Keller and Ed Clowney teamed up to teach “Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World” (audio – iTunes) at Reformed Theological Seminary.

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