Men. Take Notes. Tedashii – Bout Time

05 Feb

I found this song from Tedashii called “Bout Time” from his album Kingdom People from Reach Records. His lyrics represent relationships young brothers have with their sisters when Christ is central. This was a great listen and gave me an understanding of how precious the relationship I have with my wife.

I’m more and more impressed with this new line of music that puts Christ on display well. Enjoy!

Bout time that we do this thing right,
man it’s about time that we make her my wife
If she’s a friend and a woman of God,
needs to be treated like a sister in Christ

Bout time that we follow His word,
if she’s your woman then love her like Christ loved the church
Let’s not confuse this love with eros, phileo,
but keep this relationship right

Verse 1:
Saturday evening we all chilling at my boy’s crib,
debating, philosophizing like Paul at Mars Hill
And then she walked in and caught my eye as she walked by,
I thought why not I sought her out, posted up, started talking
Played my position right, prayed my decisions right,
but she’s a Christian right, seems my decisions right
So I pursued her and called and tried to suture her heart up,
and sweep her off her feet, hoping that my future has got her
Spending time together, feeling intertwined together,
life is so sublime together, I could see her down forever,
I’m so in love with this girl man,
I can’t see myself without her up in this world man,
when I was down she was down in a hurry man,
she calmed me down through my problems and my worries man,
And plus she took away my bad time putting a smile on my face,
even during sad times, to me this girl blows my mind


Verse 2:
It’s been 7 months and things ain’t as good as it was,
we seem to grow apart like distant relatives does
And in a panic we, franticly, tried to handle this, dismantle this?,
that’s not an option for us in our relationship
Sadly we turned to lust, thought that would be enough,
see ran to it for the rush, all the while we losing touch
Ignoring that we sinning, living to regain a feeling,
trying our hardest to recapture this love thru hugging a kissing
But this ain’t working man, feels like a burden man,
don’t know what happened but this feels like it ain’t worth it man
I tried hard to have a change of heart, I really did,
I beg the Lord to come and flame the spark, said I’d repent
But out of obligation feels like I gotta stay
but deep inside I’m fight pride, wishing that I got away
I gotta pray cause now a day’s I treat her like
I never knew her when the truth was I’d probably feel her if she was newer


Verse 3:
To many times I see this cycle like in Judges,
a guy approaches a girl and tries to date her without proper judgement
He just goes off his senses, cause of looks he get’s in this,
no proper perspective of purpose so he calls it friendship
While she thinks that you’re dating, she sits back patient,
waiting debating your intentions, wishing for more than conversation
But guys are so passive and that’s our sin man,
like Adam we go with the flow but leadings on the men man
So what’s your true motive cause some of us are players living on the low,
we play with hearts but when it comes to love we saying no
Improperly engaging the hearts of these ladies,
if you have no plan or purpose of pursuit, ain’t no point in dating
This seems old school, I know it’s old dude,
but we suffer if things ain’t done the way they suppose to
I know you like her but check your motives, make sure their right,
and guard her heart exhorting her as a sister in Christ

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