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Grace Amazing – Jimmy Needham ft. Trip Lee

People who know me know that I like music. I enjoy music that evokes thought through lyrics and/or beats.

I grew tired of the same acoustic guitar playing the same chords, using the same riff, with the same, in my opinion, shallow lyrics. I thought that I wasn’t a good Christian if I wasn’t listening to Passion or Hillsong or Jeremy Camp – because that was the music that every Christian was listening to.

About five years ago my wife introduced me to the music of Jimmy Needham.┬áMr. Needham’s music was differently. Although his main instrument of choice was an acoustic guitar, I was fascinated with his jive style and kind of Stevie Wonder-esk beat. His lyrics are thought provoking and real.

I also became a fan of Trip Lee‘s music as well.

A different genre, HipHop, which usually one thinks of drugs, sex, love of money, or big crosses around the neck laced with diamonds. But Trip Lee was different. His lyrics and beats came from a different source. A great source that changed the world with his death, burial, and resurrection. Of course, I’m referring to Jesus the Christ. Trip Lee’s music is dripping with Christ. It’s obvious that he has put in a lot of thought into his lyrics and beats – challenging believers in Jesus to understand what they believe and what to do with that belief. His recent album, Between Two Worlds is now on Amazon.

The two have recently come together on a couple of songs that are phenomenal. Jimmy Needham on his album Nightlights made a video that debuted just hours from this post being published. The song is called Grace Amazing.

Watch this twice – you’ll see why.

Watch the video here.

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