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My Desired Toughts Before I Pass Away

flatlineJust some poetic thoughts I want to think of before I pass away someday. I’m not dying in any way, but I was struck by these lyrics and wanted to share them with you. Death is a for sure thing. Crazy.

As The Hour Draws Near by Shai Linne

As the hour draws near to take my last breath

I’m not quite sure how much time I have left

I’m walking the path of all my brothers who died

And I’m prepared for what awaits me on the other side

Life was quick, but these last breaths seem the longest

I’m on the brink of entering everything that You promised

My heart skips thinking of what I’ll be in a moment

This joy is undeniably precious fruit of atonement

I cry tears of happiness because looking back

I see the track that You sovereignly mapped for me- I see immaculate(ly)

The cross of Christ, His awesome price and Your grace that carried me

I persevered in shadows of brothers who marked the path for me

In just a few breaths I’ll walk into a marriage feast

And taste of Your goodness without getting a cavity

Your majesty will light up the city that we’ll inhabit

And the Lamb will be the lamp in the middle- there’ll be no P.M.

I tremble at the fact that I’ll be captured

By the blazing glory of the One that I’ve been waiting to see and I’ll see Him

To see His face and worship perpetually won’t be boring

Because this flesh won’t be a hitch anymore- I’ll be restored

To new morning after morning- and cause You bled

Death I’ll leave here on this hospital bed

And step into the presence of the Bridegroom in heaven

No more valleys to tread or trek through

or leaven to fight against- all things will be made new

No struggling to pray, we’ll sing of Your glory with angels

I’m eager to go- I know I’m a part of Your kingdom

Upon Christ’s deeds I’ll see bliss when the beep comes

My life was long and I’m ready to go

I stood strong and I’m ready to go

I can’t wait to sing along with the throng up in heaven, you know

It’s where I belong- I’m ready to go

My sneakers are worn down hard from running this marathon in the trenches

Was far from pretending, pressed on with repentance

So now it’s time for me to pass the baton

And at long last, I’ll pass on into heaven
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HipHop the Way it Should Be – Shai Linne

hiphop_rap_blingWhen you think of Rap or HipHop – what is the first thought that comes to mind? Kanye West? C@$h Money? Bling? Black dudes? Drugs? Slangin? Murder?

Growing up I was always attracted to HipHop. Unfortunately, HipHop in the 80s & 90s didn’t give me the best message being a 14 year old kid. Listening to artists like 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, The Nortorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls), & Bone Thugs  encouraged a teenager like myself to: sleep with as many women as possible (the “love-em and leave-em” mentality), get rich & flaunt it (any way possible – mainly by selling drugs or making an album), disobey any type of authority figure (sometimes for no reason – just to do it), if someone gets in the way of your success – kill them, literally.

The message has been sold and sold to kids (some beginning as young as infants). When I think of HipHop, I now think of a genre of music that God as created so that we could worship the Lord Jesus with conviction and joy!


When I think of HipHop, I now think of how much of a joyful noise I could make singing along with men like Shai Linne, Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Timothy Brindle, DJ Essence (esso), Flame, & Azriel. These young men God has used to take  HipHop to a place that teaches me, convicts me, & allows me to rejoice in my Maker & Creator – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Where other “Christian” artists can be sung by other sects of “Christianity” – I call “non-Christianity”, these men make it clear what they believe and what Jesus they are glorifying. 

Here is just a sample of lyrics that were written by my brother in Christ

Shai Linne – Jesus is Alive

Give praise to King Jesus, the blessed Son

victorious, glorious resurrected One

To Him belongs the power, glory and honor

Ascended where He sits at the right hand of the Father

At the cross He made atonement- His people He saved

After three days He was raised in defeat of the grave

By faith the elect behold Him, His scepter is golden

He must have been hot or slippery because death couldn’t hold Him

The spotlight is on today’s icons

In a thousand years, nobody will care- their light’s gone

But at that time, Christ will still shine bright

He’s not in the limelight- He IS the limelight

Criminal minded, you’ve been blinded

Looking for the body of Jesus? You won’t find it

We never lack spirit, letting you cats hear it

Because His tomb is empty like most secular rap lyrics

Oh how these lyrics feed my soul with amazing spiritual food. I hope that the music that you listen to will ultimately lead you to praise the Father and not some false savior like money, women, sex, drugs, or status. It seems like this is the way HipHop should be – HipHop redeemed.

You can pick up Shai Line’s albums at your local Christian bookstore. If they don’t carry – tell them to carry it. Or you can check him out on iTunes.

Storiez – Nov-2008shai-linne-storiez1




the-atonementThe Atonement – Feb-2008




shailinnetscpThe Solus Christus Project – Jan-2005




I’ll end with a clip of Shai Linne live in Long Beach, CA. Peace!

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